Hey, it's 2020!
While I accomplished more in 2019 than in any other year of my existence, I still feel like I could have done things smarter, better, and faster. But, I'm generally happy with all the cool shit I did in 2019. Becoming the CTO of a company backed by millions of dollars and hiring a team to build a dope product from nothing was an experience I benefitted greatly from in a short time-frame.
I plan on doing a lot in life. Technology is literally just the beginning. I want to be do huge things in everything from film to medicine to music.
But, success takes time. That's why I'm playing the long game and sustainably learning as much as I can every single week (the key word here is sustainably). My only fear at this point is dying early because if I die right now there will be no one to pursue my mission.
Anyways, here are the goals:
1. $120,000 in annual recurring revenue.
I like making stuff. A good signal for understanding if you're making stuff people actually want is when you charge for it and they pay for it. $120,000 in ARR means 1000 customers being charged $10.00 a month. Very achievable.
2. Increase my personal audience.
My weekly newsletter has gotten pretty big. I like this idea of amassing an audience based off of content I create. Creating quality, creative content is an intellectually healthy activity (imo) and building an audience of smart people who listen to you can unlock insane opportunities you thought were never possible.
3. Tinker again.
Learning by building random little "toy" projects has always been fun for me. YC has this motto, "build something people want". I think that's the best startup advice there is. But, sometimes, it can be healthy to hack on something on the weekends and "build something you want".
Luckily, all three of these things I can actually measure! I can measure revenue, the size of my audience, and the # of interesting projects I create over the course of the year. I'll keep y'all posted.